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Eclipse Over America LLC

Shaunt'e Lewis / Indianapolis

Shaunt'e Lewis / Indianapolis

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Shaunte Lewis

Shaunt’e Lewis is a Visual Artist and Illustrator born and raised in Springfield, MA. She currently resides in Indianapolis, IN area where she also works from her studio. She is a self taught artist whose work centers around self identity, black culture and femininity. She specializes in colorful, bold illustrations as well as murals and original paintings for private collectors and commercial clients. In addition to her thriving career as an artist and illustrator, Shaunt’e is a wife and mother to her amazing children!

"My work explores the relationship between feminism and the arts while incorporating
bright colors and clean lines. I am particularly captivated by the endless facets and
abstractness of my culture. I love to hear the different views and personal connections that my art creates. I find it very rewarding to share my passion and artistic talents with others. Through my work, I hope to inspire others to pursue their passions because inspiring people through my art is my life’s purpose!"

To learn more about Shaunt'e visit her website at and on social media @shauntelewisart


Artist receives a portion of the revenue from the sales of their design.

Made in the USA. These eclipse glasses are safe for direct solar viewing and meet the requirements for ISO 12312-2:2015 certification.


Wear protective eclipse glasses to protect your eyes from solar radiation any time you look directly at the Sun or the Sun’s reflection. Wear protective eclipse glasses when viewing the Sun and any part of the Sun is visible. This product should not be used with any other optical devices, such as binoculars, cameras, telescopes, etc. This is not a toy, and children should only use this product under adult supervision. 


Never look directly at the Sun or the Sun’s reflection without proper eye protection. Do not use this product if it is damaged. Using damaged product can result in severe eye injury. Inspect the product prior to each use, and discard if the lens is scratched, punctured, or if the lens is becoming separated from the frame. Wipe product with soft cloth or tissue. Do not attempt to clean or disinfect this product with any cleaning products. 

Due to variations in the manufacturing process, design of delivered product may be slightly different from item pictured here. We do our best to keep design inventory updated, but available inventory at pickup or delivery time may differ than what is shown on the website.

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